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Welcome to Crima Machines
Crima coffee machines - Designed and built in Italy


The Crima brand is quite new in the UK, even if the machines have been supplied across Europe and America for some time now. The design of the machines reflects the philosophy of the company; practical, easy to use and very maintainable. Repairs and maintenance of the machines in the UK are covered by a network of 6 engineers directly employed, covering the London Area. Outside of the London area, repairs and maintenance are carried out by trusted self-employed engineers. We specialize in the planning, development and production of coffee machines, coffee grinders and other coffee equipment. The company is situated in Milan, Northern Italy; occupying more than 2100 sq. ft.

The reason of the success of the brand is the efficiency of the equipment, designed to draw less than current that competitors machines and using reliable, well known components, such as; Gicar electronics, Procon pumps, Sirai safety devices and pressure switches; Parker solenoids and Devecchi and Nuova-Ricambi for the key components. We have reached excellent results so far with our series made completely of metal, with preheated cup warmers. Our objective is to continuously improve our quality in order to give our customers an always increasingly reliable product.

Another fundamental requisite for a coffee machine is to produce a coffee at an optimal temperature and to maintain its fragrance and taste. With our siphon heated group system, results are reliably consistent. As it is designed to not hold water in the group head there is never stagnant water in the system, so every beverage is made from fresh water. No other Italian coffee machine manufacturer uses better components than Crima.

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