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Caffé La Vela

Delicately selected, freshly roasted coffee beans. Using first class Arabica and Robusta coffees from around the world, blended to perfection in this delicious roast. Perfect for venues that want a real quality coffee at an affordable price.

Beautiful, Fresh Coffee

We supply coffee to people who have a real interest in delicious freshly roasted coffee. By fresh we mean fresh, within 5-10 days of roasting. We guarantee that our coffee is fresh upon delivery, never more than 2 weeks since roasting. Coffee needs to rest ideally a week after roasting before it's ready to brew and ultimately drink, we always endeavour to deliver our coffee when it's just reaching it's peak.

We source the finest green coffees from all corners of the world; we have worked tirelessly in our testing department and feel that we have developed 2 really beautiful blends. We h
and roast all of our coffee in small batches to a precise profile, this is carried out by our fantastic, experienced roaster, who we are very proud to have as part of our team. The result of this process is our alluring Caffé La Vela range.

Our Blends

We currently have 2 different blends of our Caffé La Vela brand. These are:

Caffé La Vela Gold Edition
Brazil, India, Columbia

A beautiful blend with a full bodied texture.
Price: £8.50 per kg

Caffé La Vela Fairtrade
Origin: Ethiopia, Costa Rica, Guatemala

Roasted entirely from fairtrade certified coffee beans.
Produces an incredibly smooth, great tasting coffee.
Price: £12.00 per kg

Cup profile and tasting notes:

Taste is a very personal experience and the cupping notes for this coffee interpret what we feel best describe its flavour profile: a description to communicate the essential nature of the coffee using a style of language that people can relate to.

When we cup as a group we do not confer with each other during the cupping session. Our cupping notes are kept personal until the cupping is over. This way everyone’s cupping notes stay devoid of any thought contamination from the rest of the group. Once each person’s notes are established and then discussed in the group we are able to form a profile from consensus and moreover denounce any rogue taste that does not concur with general opinion.

To fully understand a coffee there is a need for it to be compared with another – as each geographical region can be said to have its own particular base flavour or expected profile. What tastes (in general) set a Guatemalan coffee apart from a Nicaraguan or a coffee from El Salvador.

If a cupper knows he/she is cupping a coffee from Kenya there is an expectation of a base profile before tasting the coffee. You know in the majority of cases it’s going to be bright and full of fruit. However, just when you think you have a region sussed, a coffee pops up that throws any preconceived expectations out of the window.

The best thing to have when cupping coffee is an open mind.


  • Free delivery for orders across the whole London area. Minimum order of 10kg.

  • Orders outside of the UK or London will incur a delivery charge.

  • Orders are mostly delivered on the next day; sometimes it's possible for us to deliver on the same day, this is dependant on the time of your order (the earlier the better).

  • We can deliver between 8am and 7pm.

  • We always require someone to be present to sign for the delivery.

Easy, simple ordering process

We aim to make order as easy as possible for you. Simply call our office on 02035481663 with the quantity and blend of coffee you'd like to be delivered, and when you would prefer us to deliver it, and we'll get to you with your order as soon as possible.

Don't take our word for it, try it for yourself!

We invite you to visit us at our premises to come and taste our coffee for yourselves. We love to see people experience our coffee and we highly recommend trying you to come and try some if you are considering making a purchase.

Questions? Please ask away

We're a small team and we're always here to help. If you have any questions regarding any of our products or if you would simply just like to tell us something then please do get in touch. We would love to hear from you.

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