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Coffee Machine Maintenance
The purpose of cleaning your espresso equipment is to achieve better control of the brewing process and to obtain the freshest taste in coffee. By cleaning your equipment on a regular basis, you can help save on replacement parts and increase the life expectancy of your equipment. The following procedures should be followed on a regular basis:
Give the steam wand a quick "shot of steam" after frothing your milk (use a clean moist washcloth over the hole to prevent a mess). Then use the moist cloth to clean the steam wand immediately. If the milk has dried, use a plastic pot scrubber to clean the wand. Or soak the steam wand in hot water to remove any caked-on milk. Use of steel wool scouring pads will eventually remove the chrome plating. Clean the steam jet hole with a pin, paper clip or a similar tool.

Flush the group head by turning on the pump for a few seconds, without the filter holder in place, after the last coffee session of the day (this has the added benefit of always ensuring the machine is fully primed).
Remove drip trays and clean them. (They can be put in the dishwasher, occasionally, top rack only if plastic, otherwise they may morph into interesting but unusable shapes from the heating element).
The cleanliness of the Espresso machine filter holder and brew baskets is one of the most overlooked cleaning rituals regarding home espresso machines (commercial establishments too; - we have seen way too many restaurants where the only time the handles are cleaned is when we do it after the machines break down - sometimes years!). The reason to clean is obvious - all that beautiful fresh espresso and crema flows through the group assembly before it lands in the cup! Popping the filter basket out of the filter holder handle occasionally will tell you how often to clean - if it looks dirty, clean it!

Espresso Machine Backflushing

HOME PUMP MACHINES WITH 3-WAY ELECTRO VALVES (Silvia, Gaggia Baby, Gaggia Classic, etc)
Caution: DO NOT, we repeat, do not backflush espresso machines that don't have a 3-way solenoid valve. Cleaning solution may enter the boiler and possibly damage it or "contaminate" the water. Besides that, there is no benefit to backflushing a non 3-way valve machine. Just give the group screen, baskets and handle a good cleaning as described below.
Note: All espresso machines with 3-way valves will have some sort of drain line going into the drip tray.
Once every couple of hundred shots of espresso (1 - 3 months) or so, you may backflush the system to ensure optimum tasting espresso and to prolong the efficient operation of the 3-way valve system. The reason to do it more often rather than less often is to improve the freshness of your espresso. The 3-way valve itself will survive several years of non-cleaning abuse before it decides it has had enough. For the VERY particular minded a weekly cleaning may be OK, but generally a monthly or longer schedule is perfectly adequate. It is much more practical and important to keep the screen and filter holder clean (see below).
So why backflush? Because the 3-way valve allows left over coffee to drain "backwards" from the "coffee puck", through the valve and out into the drip tray. This relieves pressure and makes for a drier coffee puck (less dripping). But that fresh espresso dries onto the inside of the screen area and the valve itself and soon becomes old stale espresso. By cleaning on a regular basis you will ensure that your lovely fresh espresso is not tainted by last seasons (or worse, last years) flavours!

Materials required: Crima Cleaning liquid, Stainless steel blind filter basket or Backflush disk, Group cleaning brush, plastic bowl or cup, sink and running water.

Start with a warm or hot espresso machine (products work better when warm).
Pop out the single or double basket from the filter holder handle, and pop the stainless steel blind filter basket in . If you have the rubber backflush insert, place it into the bottom of the double filter holder basket so that it makes a good seal (rubber disk must be used with the double basket).
Using Crima Cleaning liquid (or similar espresso machine detergent), place a 1/2 teaspoon in filter holder. If you wish make up a slurry or paste with a bit of warm water first. Insert filter holder in machine then cycle pump 10 seconds on, 5 seconds off, 5 seconds on. Then off. Turn machine off.
Wait 10 minutes or longer. Drain tray should show some foamy, dirty brown detergent mixture. This is normal and good (thats the old coffee oils dissolving out).
Note: If backflushing has not been performed for a very long time, repeat entire operation again with fresh cleaning solution. You may also wish to remove the screen and soak it separately, since the screen may be partially or fully plugged up, preventing efficient backflushing.
Now put a bit more cleaning solution in your basket and replace it loosely in the grouphead so that it will leak out around the sides when the pump is turned on. Run the pump while loosely wiggling the handle around to clean out the area around the rubber seal. This can be a bit messy, so make sure you have a old tea towel handy. Using the group brush, give a quick scrub around the sealing area and repeat the procedure.
Now rinse the solution from the Crima Cleaning liquid, re-insert into machine. Run pump once more for 10 seconds on. Now turn off. Remove Crima Cleaning liquid and run pump for 5 seconds or more into plastic bowl or cup to rinse out screen and group area. Thoroughly rinse the Crima Cleaning liquid under warm water and rinse the drain tray.
Using some old stale coffee you just happen to have hanging around, make up an espresso shot and then discard it, to complete the cleaning process and to ensure that no cleaning agent ends up in a shot meant to be consumed.
Cleaning the group screen, handle & baskets
Once every 50-100 shots of espresso or so we recommend cleaning the group screen,handle and baskets. The screen will often look clean from the visible, down side, but rest assured that the coffee oils collect on the upper, unseen side. A dirty screen adversely affects the taste of your espresso and can diminish the efficiency of your machine. Remove the Crima Cleaning liquid screen with a stubby screwdriver in order to clean it.
Using a suitable container, such as a plastic 1 litre yogurt container, put in a liquid cleaning detergent and one-third fill with hot water.
Put the baskets, screw, water spreader (if so equipped), handle and shower screen in the mixture and let sit overnight or until clean. Stir occasionally to speed things up if very dirty. Caked on screens may need a second application. Occasionally it may be more prudent to just replace the screen. Rinse all items thoroughly and replace.
Note: Do not run the pump with the screen removed, since hot boiler water can shoot out in unexpected directions (often forward) and possibly cause a scald.

Here at Espresso Essential WA we offer a great range of coffee machines for all types of business. We provide and service coffee machines in Perth, and all around Western Australia, from Kalgoorlie to Margaret River, and Port Hedland to Karratha. However, our priority is making sure you make an informed decision before buying. Have a read of the following questions to make sure you're choosing the right coffee machine for your business:


1) I know I need to get a decent coffee machine, but how do I decide on the right coffee machine for me?


If you want to provide coffee in your business the most important thing is having something that produces consistently good quality coffee. This is what creates happy customers and staff, the bread-and-butter of a successful business. Some manual machines may not be the most suitable option to achieve this as it relies on your staff to have enough experience making coffee to achieve consistency.

Also, look for commercial equipment that is designed for making more coffee than you make right now. Watch out for the trap of only buying a coffee machine that can handle what you are already making, because it will become a frustration as your use increases. High-quality commercial automatic coffee machines are designed around efficiency, so look to spend more initially and save more money in the long run.


2) Coffee is coffee right? So why should I care about how much each cup costs from my business coffee machine?


Cost-per-cup is the name of the game when it comes to commercial coffee machines. While domestic machines are all about looking pretty and making a couple of cups of coffee each morning with little to no thought going into cost-effectiveness, commercial machines are all about efficiency, reliability and quality.

By looking for a commercial coffee machine that can make great coffee cost-effectively, you can make some serious savings by the end of each financial year.


3) I have heard some coffee suppliers give 'free' machines to businesses. Why do some companies offer a free coffee machine and some don't?


We have all heard the expression "There is no such thing as a free lunch", right? Well, when it comes to 'free' coffee machines this is also true.

Coffee companies that supply 'free' machines are still in business to make money, so they will be making profit somewhere along the line. Often this means charging a premium price for cheap coffee beans, or charging a lot for servicing.

Another trap to watch out for is minimum ordering. This means you have to order a certain amount of coffee beans or pods each month or they will take your machine off you. This can lead to serious overstocking on your part, or losing your coffee machine altogether. When comparing coffee machine suppliers make sure you understand your ordering commitments before making a decision.


4) I love coffee pods, and I have a pod machine at home. So why should I consider using fresh beans in my business?


Who would have thought George Clooney could change the world! After an incredible marketing drive, pod machines have exploded into kitchens across Australia. And these are a great option for your home as they are easy and convenient.

But the biggest problem with using pods in your business is the cost. Using coffee beans and an efficient commercial coffee machine can give you a shot of fresh espresso coffee for less than $0.20. To pour the same shot of espresso from a pod can cost up to $1.00. This many not seem to be a lot of money, but when you multiply that extra cost across a few cups a day, and then across a year of buying coffee pods, the costs can add up dramatically. So keep the pod machine for your house and think about fresh beans for your business.


5) A commercial coffee machine sounds too big for my business. Why would I choose a commercial machine?


Many people think 'commercial' means a big 3-group manual-operation monster-sized coffee machine, but the reality is that automatic coffee machine technology has come a long way. Nowadays, a commercial coffee machine can be a similar size to a domestic coffee system, but with more features, better efficiency, and much higher build quality. All this adds up to a machine that can handle high volume of coffee production, with better profit margins, more reliability and often ten times the lifespan.

Another trap to look out for: by putting a domestic coffee system into a business you can void or dramatically reduce your warranty, meaning your expensive domestic machine may become one for the recycling bin sooner than you think.


6) I have been told that coffee machines are notorious for breaking down. What happens if my new coffee machine breaks down?


In fairness, there are plenty of machines out there that are not reliable. Manufacturing with plastic rather than metal, mass production rather than hand-assembly, and building to a budget rather than to a high standard are all things that can make for a bad coffee machine.

The most important thing to look for in a coffee machine supplier is how they structure their back-end servicing. Do they offer on-site repairs rather than you having to take your machine somewhere to get repaired? Or worst-case scenario, is the coffee machine even repairable? Some coffee machine suppliers may not carry parts, or will send your machine away to other parts of the country for weeks at a time. The safest bet is to go with a coffee machine supplier that is able to service your area, and carries the parts you may need at all times.


7) I know most of the time fresh is better, but I have heard a lot of companies are using evaporated milk now. Why would I consider evaporated milk?


Your automatic response may be 'Powdered milk, I had that when I was a kid, it's horrible!'. And you would be right, that old-style synthetic whitener is nothing more than chemical water.

But a lot has changed in the world of milk, and these days there are some very good evaporated milk products available. Normally, the romance of fresh cow's milk for your coffee sounds nice, but the reality of fresh milk coffee machines is often far from appealing.

All coffee machines need cleaning, but fresh milk machines need a lot more cleaning a lot more regularly. If this cleaning is not carried out the milk you get is about as far from fresh as you can get, and may have more in common with yoghurt. This is not normally an issue if you follow manufacturers cleaning guides, but there are very few people in the world that enjoy cleaning coffee machines.

Evaporated milk has no active bacteria, so cleaning is minimal, and the really good evaporated milk is only one step away from fresh milk as it has simply had the moisture evaporated from top quality fresh Australian dairy. No cleaning and good milk equals happy staff and great coffee!




Espresso Essential WA


As Espresso Essential WA we supply the best range of high quality automatic espresso coffee machines Perth has to offer, specialising in the office, business and commercial environments. Our machines are real bean espresso coffee machines that are designed and hand built in Italy.


Features of our in house cafe quality coffee machine espresso systems include:


  •  Compact, stylish, hygienic and easy to clean, we provide the most versatile coffee machines Perth and WA have to offer.
  •  Enjoy freshly ground gourmet espresso coffee at the touch of a button from only $0.60c a cup.
  •  These quality Italian made commercial coffee machines are easy to fill and maintain. Great back up service & maintenance Australia wide with great Regional and Metropolitan coverage.
  •  Extended warranty and service packages available.
  •  Optional coin acceptor creates a self funding profit centre returning around $2 per cup profit.
  •  Extensive range of freshly hand roasted gourmet coffee beans (freshly roasted daily in-house). Including our new 100% Arabica Rainforest Alliance blend plus many other blends for the coffee connoisseur.
  •  Hot chocolate - a deliciously smooth drink made with just chocolate and our own, specially formulated 99% fat free milk.
  •  Espresso Essential WA's Coffee Machines Perth Beverage selections include Cappuccino, Caffè Latte, Flat White, Double Shot Flat White, Espresso Short, Espresso Long, Mochaccino, Hot Chocolate.
  •  Suitable for offices, sporting clubs, churches, convenience retail outlets, conference hire, schools, hotels, social clubs, hairdressers and anywhere that real bean espresso is needed quickly and efficiently without the fuss of having staff trying to make perfect espresso.
  •  Rent, lease or hire the best range of coffee machines Perth has available as well as slush machines from only $2.00 per day.
  •  Free coffee machines available on a cost per cup basis.* (Conditions Apply)
  •  We also have a great range of slush machines suitable for hotels, convenience stores, schools, kids clubs and many similar businesses with over 300% profit margins.
  •  We have the best range of point of sale products in the market to help you sell more products from flags to sidewalk signs, frequent sipper cards and menus.
  •  Our Automatic Coffee Machine Perth range suits every business from 5 – 5000 staff.
  •  Espresso Essential is a BRW fast 100 company 2009 and 2010 fast franchise Top 100 company.




Leading Supplier of Coffee Machines Perth, WA


Espresso Essential WA is the leading supplier for Perth and WA's automatic coffee machines. Whether you require a small office coffee machine, the best office coffee machine, or a commercial coffee machine, our range of fully automatic coffee machines are perfect.

Our mobile coffee machines can be delivered to your door for you to try anywhere in Western Australia.

Espresso Essential WA has provided state of the art Italian automatic espresso coffee machines, self serve automatic coffee machines throughout Perth and Western Australia for more than 10 years.

With thousands of successful and profitable automatic coffee machine installations, we are the undisputed coffee machine experts.  

Imagine having an employee who works 24/7, increases your staff productivity, is the social centre of the office, and makes Cafe Quality Real Bean Espresso Coffee and Hot Chocolate on demand. Or imagine a staff member that can sell several hundreds of dollars worth of quality coffee to your customers, and this staff member only costs you $7 a day! 

Espresso Essential WA fully automatic coffee machines are ideal for convenience stores, service stations, sporting clubs, gymnasiums, hotels, pubs, offices and in fact, any business with 5 or more staff.

Our Automatic Coffee Machines grind real beans, fresh for each cup of coffee. We provide simple, one touch automatic coffee machines that have up to 11 drink selections available.

Our extensive range of locally roasted fresh 100% Arabica gourmet coffee beans blends, milk, chocolate and consumables are conveniently available for online ordering.

Our coffee machines are easy to clean, simple to restock, and ordering is seamless. Espresso Essential WA will deliver to you the fully automatic coffee machine for all your needs with affordable and convenient rental finance options available.  

We have expert sales and support staff in your area available for an obligation free coffee machine demonstration at your business. Call us now to try before you buy. 

We offer a free taste test service where we can bring one of our machines to you using one of our state-of-the-art mobile coffee van set-ups.

This enables us to provide you with a free, no-obligation example of how efficient our machines are, and how great our coffee tastes.

We also have available Rainforest Alliance certified coffee beans to provide the best possible coffee experience in an ethical and sustainable approach.

Give us a call using the number above or send us a message to organise your Free Taste Test today!



What do our customers think of our machines?

Espresso Essential coffee machines are being used in over 9,000 businesses to date. Here's what some of our customers are saying about our machines and service:


Beverley Margaret, School of Dance:

"I am happy to recommend the Espresso Essential Automatic Coffee Machines and Real Fruit Slush machine. I have both in my Dance Studio, and have found them to be very beneficial to my business and my customers. The Hot Chocolate component of the coffee machine is the most popular, especially in winter, as parents tend to buy them for the kids for the car ride home. Slushies are popular throughout the year, which was my only concern, as the kids are hot after class whatever the weather!"


Ilario Patane | Subway Franchisee, Kwinana:

"For some time after opening my Subway business I realized that a far greater profit could be made if we offered our customers coffee and other hot beverages with their meal. My biggest problem was finding a machine that would fulfill this role. It took me well over one year to finally settle on a machine that I thought could produce not only a very good cup of coffee, but was quick and reliable. I purchased my machine from Espresso Essential and now 2 years on I can honestly say that it has been one of my best and most profitable investments.

It has certainly increased my customer spending, especially during the winter months. The machine is easily cleaned and can be stocked by all staff, and best of all it only takes a push of a button to make coffee and an assortment of other hot drinks! This is certainly an advantage to us, especially during our busy lunch and dinner periods.

The staff at Espresso Essential have been wonderful. The service is impeccable and they are simply a phone call away if the machine needs servicing or stocking. Well done to all and keep up the good work."


Jill Smith | Cockburn Basketball Association:

"Everyone loves the coffee and slush! These machines are two of the best investments we've ever made. We are open limited hours, and still sell plenty of coffee – even in summer! Espresso Essential works around my operating hours, and provide fantastic ongoing support. Kids buy as much slush as their parents will let them, and the hot chocolate is to die for!"


Nola Craig | Gull, Brookton

"I am happy to recommend the Espresso Essential Automatic Coffee Machines. We have had one in our Roadhouse now for approximately 6 months and have found it to be very beneficial for several reasons;

Frees up staff time – Staff do not have to serve or assist people to get 'real' coffee to takeaway.The machine is very low maintenance – Daily clean and top up and one weekly thorough clean.Product delivery and response to orders is quick from the suppliers.The Product is of high quality and quickly builds its own "fan club" of users.The small amount of maintenance we have needed on the machine has been done quickly and professionally.

Feel free to contact me for any further recommendation."


Reg & Donna Cocking | Mandurah Caravan and Tourist Park:

"Espresso Essential /Essential Slush Co is about real people who provide really high quality products for really reasonable prices, really efficiently with really friendly, helpful service. It's the REAL DEAL!

Both machines are easy to use and clean. Both machines are profitable. The rent-to-own/lease option is fully tax deductible, and suited us best. Through the tokens, we can reward our customers and staff with convenient, great tasting coffee, hot chocolate and slushies. From our first call out with your mobile tasting van, through the sign up process to the delivery and installation we could not fault your outstanding customer service.

We would have no hesitation in highly recommending your product to all businesses who really want to make a difference to their customers."


Lester and Pip Snooke | Bolgart Rural Thrifty Link:

"A quick note to tell you how pleased we are with the Espresso Essential Coffee Machine we purchased from you recently.

The big bright orange roadside sign is very eye catching and proving very effective as we have more new customers coming into our shop.The volume of coffees we have sold have exceeded our expectationsThe quality of coffee is excellentThe machine is easy to clean andReordering stock is quick and simple

We are very happy to recommend Espresso Essential Coffee Machines."


Maria Tomeo | Tomeos Service Station, Karragullen:

"I purchased an Espresso Essential coin operated coffee machine in June 2007 and have found it to be the BEST investment I have ever made because not only is the coffee fantastic, but it saves me time whilst giving my customers plenty of choice.

I have no hesitation in recommending these machines to anyone considering purchasing one."

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